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National Stearman Fly-In

The Stearman Restorers Association is proud to support the National Stearman Fly-In In Galesburg, Illinois. This yearly event is the largest of it's kind and is the must-attend event of the year for Stearman enthusiasts. The NSFI offers a generous mix of flying events, technical seminars, entertainment and food. Information on this year's event can be found below. Please visit http://stearmanflyin.com/ for registration and other important information.


Here are the award winners from the 48th National Stearman Fly-In held Sept. 2-7, 2019 at the Galesburg Municipal Airport: 

Early Bird: 
(first pilot-in-command to arrive at Galesburg Municipal Airport for the 2019 Fly-In who remained for the duration): Brian Rosenstein arrived August 28, 2019 at 7 p.m. from Stanley, NC in Stearman N1535M. 

Longest Cross-Country: 
(awarded to the pilot whose direct route from his or her home airport to Galesburg was the longest in a Stearman): Edward “Ted” Miller flew 1,717 sm from Santa Rosa, CA in Stearman N9923H. 

Youngest Pilot: 
(awarded to the youngest pilot who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2019 Fly-In): Ben Thomas, 18 years old, born August 20, 2001, Hernando, MS, Stearman N52014. 

Most Vintage Pilot: 
(awarded to the oldest person who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2019 Fly-In): Harrel Timmons, September 23, 1938, 80 years old, Galesburg, IL, Stearman N75546. 

Fly-In Contest Awards: 

Short-Field Takeoff (Stock Engines): 
(shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne): First: N266N, Brett Anderson, 380 ft; Second: Tie: N42DB, Daniel Wolford and N266N, Blake Anderson, 420 ft; Third: N52287, Brian Vallero, 445 ft. 

Short-Field Takeoff (275- to 300-horsepower engines): 
(shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne): First: N1203M, Rob Tekampe, 440 ft; Second: N58219, George Madok, 480 ft; Third: N64602, Mike Sager, 500 ft. 

Short-Field Takeoff (450-horsepower engines): 
(shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne): First: N54896, Matt Wolford, 270 ft; Second: N349KF, Paul Fries, 340 ft; Third: N52014, Julie Thomas, 385 ft. 

Rescue Drop: 
(for the flour bomb dropped closest to the center of the target): First: N52287, Brian Vallero , pilot and bombardier, 11.6 ft; Second: N266N, Blake Anderson, pilot and bombardier, 25.1 ft; Third: N60657, Cal Tax, pilot and Stephanie Teel, bombardier, 27.3 ft. 

Precision Landing Contest: 
(for landing closest to a designated line): First: N266N, Brett Anderson, 5 ft; Second: N58219, James Madok, 75 ft; Third: N266N, Blake Anderson, 110 ft. 

Aerobatic Competition: 
First: N57762, Blake Anderson; Second: N58219, George Madok; Third: N56914, John Hodgson 

Formation Competition – 4 Ship: 
First: Scorpions: N60657, Cal Tax; N64W, Rick Lutes; N63301, Chuck Marshall; N59457, Vic Syracuse; Second: Scalleywags: N42DB, Daniel Wolford; N401DB, Eric Delawder; N1203M, Rob Tekampe; N347KF, Paul Fries. 

Newest Restoration: 
(presented to the owner of the Stearman whose restoration was completed closest to the date of the presentation of this award): N58219, first flight August 9, 2018, George Madok, Evergreen, CO (7 ½ year restoration by owner) 

Hard Luck Award: 
Stearman C-GSDK, Bruce Bond, Sarnia, ON, Canada 

Stearman Most in Need of Restoration: 
N33NA, Roger Brown, Port Saint Lucie, FL and N46Y, Quentin Marty, Hightstown, NJ. 

Poker Run: 
First: N60657, Cal Tax, 5 card flush; Second: N401DB, Eric Delawder, 3 kings; Third: N57950, Marie Spear, 3 queens 

Kaydet Award: 
(for excellence in restoration of Army Stearmans): N57762, Todd Anderson, Bloomington, MN 

Yellow Peril Award: 
(for excellence in restoration of Navy Stearmans): N54899, N2S-3, Carl Wilson, Brookline, NH 

Best Civilian: 
(for excellence in restoration of civilian Stearmans): Not awarded this year. 

Best Custom: 
(in recognition of creativity and workmanship on custom Stearmans): N146CM, Jim Martin, Spring Grove, IL 

Best Military Custom: 
(in recognition of creativity and workmanship on military custom Stearmans): N58219, George Madok, Evergreen, CO 

Lloyd Stearman Award: 
(presented to a Stearman documented to be of significant importance in the Stearman Aircraft Company’s history, or one that has been restored to replicate or preserve the historic accuracy of a civilian or military Stearman): Stearman N54896, owned by the Wolford Family, documented to have been flown during World War II by George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States. 

Special Recognition Award: 
Special commemoration of Marilyn Stearman Carr, daughter of aircraft designer Lloyd Carlton Stearman, to her family in recognition of her many years of participation in & support of the National Stearman Fly-In. 

Other Awards: 

Bill Adams Memorial Foundation Award: 
(in recognition of sustained effort that contributed measurably to the continued success of the National Stearman Fly-In and greater Stearman community): Presented to Pete and Marie Spear and Tye Hammerle, for their time & effort & support of the NSFI which included refurbishing & repainting the Stearman headquarters building & adjacent hangar, participation in a recent Stearman forum at Oshkosh & other special NSFI projects. 

Best Participation Award: 
(what Stearman burned the most fuel during the 2019 National Stearman Fly-In): Presented by Ric and Lisa Woldow in memory of Don Grundstrom 

Stock category: N57762, Todd Anderson, 179.2 gal. 

450 hp category: N69249, Dan and Diane Sokolowski, 254.1 gal. 

A total of 6,089 gallons of fuel were burned during this year’s fly-in. 

Fuel quantity was calculated from Monday, Sept. 2, through 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. 


Sept. 7-12, 2020!



Baymont Inn & Suites
300 S. Washington St.
Galesburg, IL 61402
309-343-7600 or 800-337-0550
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate

Best Western Prairie Inn
300 S. Soangetaha Road
Galesburg, IL 61401
309-343-7151 or 866-343-7151
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate

Country Inn & Suites*
2284 Promenade Court
Galesburg, IL 61401
309-344-4444 or 800-456-4000
*A limited number of rooms may be available between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1, 2019, due to a large booking for those dates.
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate

907 W. Carl Sandburg Dr.
Galesburg, IL 61401
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate

Fairfield Inn & Suites
901 W. Carl Sandburg Dr.
Galesburg, IL 61401
309-344-1911 or 800-228-2800
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
2160 E. Main St.
Galesburg, IL 61402
309-343-7100 or 800-465-4329
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate


Americas Best Value Inn-Galesburg
737 Knox Highway 10
Galesburg, IL 61401

AmericInn Lodge & Suites
#1 AmericInn Way
Monmouth, IL 61462
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate

Super 8 Motel – Monmouth
1122 N. 6th St.
Monmouth, IL 61462
Ask for Stearman Fly-In rate


The Great House
501 E. Losey St.
Galesburg, IL 61401

Seacord House
624 N. Cherry St.
Galesburg, IL 61401

The Gallery Inn
Bed & Coffee
Bishop Hill, IL 61419 (25 miles)


Lake Storey Allison Camp Ground
South Lake Storey Road
Galesburg,IL 61401

Galesburg East Best Holiday Trav-L-Park
1081 US Highway East
Knoxville, IL 61448

Galesburg Municipal Airport
A limited number of camping spaces are available at Galesburg Municipal Airport. Contact the National Stearman Fly-In for details.


Galesburg Nissan - Jim Morgan
2080 North Henderson
Galesburg, IL 61401

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
165 South Seminary Street
Galesburg, IL 61401


The Packing House
441 Mulberry
Galesburg, IL 61401

Sully’s Irish Pub
1075 North Henderson Street
Galesburg, IL 61401

Side Trax
441 E. Main St.
Galesburg, IL
(309) 344-8193

Iron Spike Brewing Company
150 E. Simmons Street
Galesburg, IL 61401


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