The Education

//The Education

The Education

Learn to fly within a foot or two of your desired altitude.

Learn to maintain headings solely by ground reference.

Learn the importance of power control.

Learn to put to use the basic ground reference maneuvers you learned early in flying.

Learn stall recovery techniques from steep bank turns.

Learn to take off at maximum gross weight or heavier.

Learn to fly at near stall speeds in a heavy aircraft.

Learn the importance of smooth and coordinated control movements.

Learn to accurately judge distances both horizontally and vertically.

Learn to accurately estimate aircraft performance in varying stages of non normal flight.

Learn the excitement of downwind landings and take-offs.

Learn to fly an aircraft of questionable airworthiness.

Learn to relax your grip and calf muscles after a tense situation.

Learn to accomplish aircraft repair with pliers, screwdriver and wire.

Learn to look outside and SEE things.

Learn how close you can safely fly to your shadow.

Learn how to navigate to an unknown position with inaccurate information given by a non-flyer.

Learn to judge fuel remaining in minutes from questionable fuel gages.

Learn first hand the difference between official sunset and darkness.


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