SRA President’s Award

//SRA President’s Award

SRA President’s Award

For Authentic Stearman Restoration at NSFI 2003

The SRA has agreed to take responsibility for the judging and awards for the two categories that emphasize authenticity in restoration at Galesburg in 2003.

These categories are for the Army PT planes and the Navy N2S planes.

They were previously designated the “Kadet” category for the Army planes and “Yellow Peril” category for the Navy  planes.

For 2003 there will be only one winner selected in each category, and each will receive the “SRA President’s Award”,  for that category.

The NSFI will continue to implement the judging for the Custom Civilian, Custom Military, Civilian, and Historic categories of prior years. There may continue to be multiple awards in these categories.

The Custom Civilian and Custom Military will be grouped together in the “Brush and Canvas” category.

For the SRA President’s Award categories, the Stearman owner or pilot will complete a request to be judged at sign-in, and will be given a prop sleeve for the plane.

In filling out and signing this request, the owner agrees to have the plane in it’s assigned tie down spot, with the prop sleeve in place, and with the cowls and doors open, between 12:00 and 4:30,  on Thursday afternoon. Signing the request also gives the Judges permission to get up on the wing to view inside the cockpits.

The owner is not required to be at the plane  for the judging, but is welcome.

The judging time will be limited to 12:00 noon  until 4:30 on Thursday afternoon at the Fly-In.

 A request for a waiver in the judging time, with a good reason, should be made at the sign-in desk.

 Minimum requirements to qualify to be judges are as follows:

 Restored with a obvious level of workmanship and authenticity

  • Owner/Pilot to be a current member of the SRA
  • Correct engine per data plate.
  • Correct paint scheme, colors and markings per the data plate
    • Original control locks and engine controls.
    • Wood, McCauley steel or Ham Standard 5404 propeller
    • Original Stearman wheels

Deviations from either factory or military configurations can be waived if supporting documentation exists. ie, Military logs, photograph of aircraft in service, T.O.s, maintenance manuals, etc)

Starting in 2004,  winners of the President’s award in either of the two authenticity categories, will not be eligible for judging  with the same plane in the same category for three subsequent years. 

Certain modifications to the original configuration, for safety and modernization will not disqualify an entry. These include:

  • Oil filter
  • Pre-Oiler
  • Disc Brakes
  • Strobe /NAV lights
  • Rotating beacon
  • Avionics and controls
  • Electric Starter

 The President’s Award for each category will be a newly designed trophy.

 These awards will be presented at the banquet.

There will be a place on the trophy for an engraved plate that will prominently feature the winners name  and the “N” number of the winning Stearman.  This plate will be sent to the winner  after Galesburg, for application to the trophy.

A list of authenticity elements which will be considered by the judges in the two categories, will be available at the sign-in desk at Galesburg. Also a mailed copy can be requested from the SRA office at any time.

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