Ode to Restoration

//Ode to Restoration

Ode to Restoration

Slave, save, Stearman crave.

Fly-In, sigh-in, urge-to-buy-in.

Hook is set, hot fevers get.

Dreams, schemes, wife’s shrill screams.

Began, plan and want-ads scan. Learn, yearn, while inward burn.

Clunkers, junkers, mostly  flunkers.

Tracing, chasing, basket-casing.

Greatest find, a purchase bind.

Roam, comb, then drag it home.

Cut ‘er open, desperate hopin’.

Bird nests, mess, patience tests.

Dust, crust, Lord, tons of rust!

No recourse, much remorse.

Work, murk, dark problems lurk.

Start with heart that’s half apart.

Boring, choring, much exploring.

Sand-blast fast, so rust is past.

Stand and sand, a blistered hand.

Scraping, draping, soon ship-shaping.Scratch, match, attach and patch.

Fetch, stretch and metal etch.

Helding, welding, new form behelding.

Shakes, mistakes, sour stomach-aches.

Fun galore-ing, this restoring!

Rib stitch, allergy itch.

Gasket, mask-it, tedious task-it.

Torque, work, kibitzers smirk.

Grease, squeeze, freeze and sneeze.

Taking shape, friends now gape.

Haven’t blew it, you might do it!

Spraying wings, seeing things..

no ventilate, paint.. . and faint.

Stew, glue and cans of brew.

Prime, time, man-hours climb.

Crimpling, dimpling, funds are shrirnpling.

Gloom, doom, you need more room.

Covering done, shines like the sun.

Flying wire, safety wire, are you really

gonna fly ‘er?

One day bright, in full sunlight,

there she stands, by your own hands!

Sparkling fresh, with brilliant chrome,

your Stearman now’s to aerodrome.

And, one day sweet, when work’s complete,

when paperwork’s a-right,

then it and you, both fresh, anew,

will spend your time in flight.

The epilogue for this here tale, should be :

He was content

To evermore his Stearman fly,

His energies full spent.

But with this taste of agony,

Ambition didn’t smother.

Now it is heard that, far and wide…

He’s looking for another!

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