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Stearman Restorers Association

A non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and flying of STEARMAN AIRCRAFT.

Annual Dues

Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st

1 Year Membership

USA – $40.00 (USD)
CAN / MEX – $45 (USD)
All Others – $50 (USD)

3 Year Membership

USA – $110.00 (USD)
CAN / MEX – $125 (USD)
All Others – $140 (USD)


Ages to 51 years – $1,000.00 (USD)
Ages 51-70 years – $700.00 (USD)
Ages 71-100 years – $500.00 (USD)

Ages to 51 years – $1,150.00 (USD)
Ages 51-70 years – $725.00 (USD)
Ages 71-100 years – $500.00 (USD)

All Others
Ages to 51 years – $1,175.00 (USD)
Ages 51-70 years – $700.00 (USD)
Ages 71-100 years – $500.00 (USD)

The Stearman Flying Wire is published quarterly, in February, May, August and November. Prior to the November issue, new members will receive all Stearman Flying Wires published for the current year and the Membership Roster. After the November issue is mailed, membership will be initiated for the following year.

Join or Renew Using PayPal

You can now join the Stearman Restorers Association or renew your membership securely online using PayPal! Just fill out the form below and hit the Submit button!

Join or Renew by Check

Make check out to the Stearman Restorers Association and mail to:

Stearman Restorers Association
8015 Haley Court
Stanley, NC 28164

Please be sure to provide us with the following information:

New____ Renewal____ One year____ Three years____ SRA Member #_________ Date__/__/____
Name ______________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
City_______________ State_______________ Zip Code__________
Telephone #_____-_____-__________
E-mail Address___________________

Methods of payment for Foreign Memberships

Foreign members can join the SRA or renew their membership by Paypal or by check. For most countries, (if in doubt, contact us) the SRA can accept checks written in your local currency on your local bank, with the amount being that which will yield $45 US Dollars ($40 for Canada) under the current exchange rate, plus 10% for bank fees. Do not specify US Dollars on a foreign bank check. That is very expensive for us to deposit. Any check on a US Bank written in US Dollars is acceptable, as well as international bank drafts written in US Dollars.