In the process of redoing the Greek Stearman, there is always the need to move the  plane around in the hangar to reposition it under a hoist or for a variety of other reasons.

This is always a chore when working alone, even if the wings are off.

In looking through Hemmings Motor News,  like I do the Trade-a-plane, I came across an ad for some wheel dollies that are used to move cars around in the garage.

They sounded like a possible solution to my problem, so I called them up, told them what I wanted to do, and they recommended a size.

I bought three of the dollies and took them out to the airport, not without some skepticism.

The Stearman tire fits into the dolly just right and it only keeps it a couple of inches off the floor.  I also put one under the tail wheel, but I don’t think that one is necessary.

My surprise came when I  was able to take the Stearman with one hand and move easily  over the floor.  The casters are full swiveling, so it moves and turns in any direction.

The hangar floor has a very slight slope toward the door, and I watched in amazement as the Stearman started creeping forward with the apparent intension of going out the door. 

So I find that I have to chock the Dollies with a piece of 1/8 inch aluminum plate when I want it to “Stay”. If anyone is interested, the source was NMW Products in Raritan, NJ. 908-526-3800