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Complete L.H. upper wing rib kit with boxed root rib. Upper wing tip bow with light adapter. Cowl-upper side engine L.H. Door-engine cowl side L.H. Walk assy-engine cowl. Cowl-bottom engine. Support assy-lower engine cowl. Front & Rear windshield frames. Front & Rear bulkhead cockpit cowls. Baggage compartment cowl assy & door assy. Cowl assys-upper front fuselage, intercockpit, front cockpit L.H. & R.H. rear cockpit L.H. & R.H. Front & Rear instrument panels with bases. Aileron idler, aileron bellcrank and wing root inspection doors. Haliburton lower landing gear fairings. Main wheel rims. Complete L.H. & R.H. wheel brake assys. L.H. & R.H. brake back plate fairings. $7500 Lot.
Ralph Navar SRA #3184
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