Bendix-Scintilla Switches

//Bendix-Scintilla Switches

Bendix-Scintilla Switches

Recently while installing the mag switch in my N2S-3 project I went looking for some wiring information about the Bendix Scintilla switch that many of us have.

I combed the internet looking for some information for it and came up short, but while digging through my parts locker I found another switch that I had and in the box was this original instruction sheet. This had all the info that I was looking for and I thought someone else might be in my same predicament, so I thought I’d send it along for inclusion in a future Flying Wire issue.

Sorry about the first image but still not bad for being locked up in greasy waxed paper for seventy years!

Bendix-Scintilla Switches1

Bendix-Scintilla Switches2

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