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Take Offs Part 3

SHORT FIELD TAKE-OFFS I think that most Stearman pilots will agree that the take-off and climb performance of a stock Stearman is somewhat less than stellar and certainly will not impress either the pilot or someone watching from the ground. But it is what it is and we love it [...]

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Take Offs Part 2

Now we are ready to talk about flying the Stearman. Once you have completed your run-up and are ready for take-off, be sure to check the area for inbound traffic and position your seat height as you desire. When you are in position on the runway make a final wind [...]

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Take Offs Part 1

It’s a beautiful day and you decide that you want to go fly your Stearman. So you go out to the airport, roll it out of the hangar, crank it up and taxi out to the runway. There you line it up, cobb the power to it and launch yourself [...]

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A Gathering of Square Tails

The line-up of six of the seven civilian Stearmans in front of the 1930’s style buildings at Antique Airfield The themes for the 2006 AAA-APM Fly In were “Square Tail Stearmans” and “Crop Duster Days”. “Square Tail” Stearmans refers to the civilian model airplanes that were produced in [...]

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Stearman in the NASM

I’m sure that most of the members are aware that the official public opening of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. occurred on Monday, December 15, 2003. However, prior to its official public opening, there were several special [...]

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Fly-In Retirement Party

For every professional airline pilot there is a date indelibly ingrained into their mind and career from the very first day of “New Hire” school. That is the date of their 60th birthday when they are required by FAA mandate to retire. For me that day was April 6, 2001. [...]

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