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Inspecting Wood Structures

An aluminum structure, when highly stressed, will wrinkle and deform as the metal reaches its elastic state and take a permanent set that the mechanic can visually detect. However wood will not take a permanent set when overstressed and degradation can begin that will eventually lead to failure. If a [...]

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Remembering SRA Early Days

Photo 1   Photo 2 After a chance meeting with SRA founder Don Williams, I joined the organization in early 1965, having just been discharged from the Army at Ft. Hood, Texas. Needless to say there was no spare money. I married my original wife Sandy [...]

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The Stearman SA-1 – Part 2

The partners involved with Inland Aviation Company began to dissolve when George Willet split for Lemoore and began his own business at the old USAAC base 9-miles southwest of the city. A portion of the old base is still there and located off highway 198 just west of the main [...]

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The Stearman Sa-1 and the Model 75 Ag Plane

Although much is known about the life and accomplishments of Lloyd Carlton Stearman, little is known about an agricultural aircraft he designed for production in 1944. Recently, a carton of blueprint drawings have surfaced containing all structural drawings for the Stearman SA-1 agricultural aircraft. The carton was found many years [...]

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Some Basics About Aluminum

Much of the aluminum structure used on the Boeing Model 75 aircraft was protected from corrosion by an electroplating process called anodizing. This process produced a hard surface that withstood attacks of corrosion that would normally occur on bare aluminum. Surface corrosion can appear as oxidized film that will eventually [...]

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Some Basics of Steel Tube Structures

Early use of seamed steel tubing in U. S civil aircraft can be traced back to the 1920’s when Waco, Travel Air and Stearman began to replace early wood fuselage structures with welded steel. Before SAE 4130 “Chromoly” tubing became the norm, SAE 1020 and 1025 was widely used. Comparing [...]

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