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The Kid

One day he just showed up and asked if he could help around with the Cropdusters on the grassy field or in the open hanger. Most of the pilots saw him as a young image of themselves and gave orders to him just like others had done to them. He [...]

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A Barnstormer's Morning

Sunrise finds dew settling and soft clouds two feet off the ground As the day begins and the pilot hides inside his homemade bed. The coolness is felt upon his face as he glances at the long shadow the biplane begins to throw across the farmer’s open field. He stretches [...]

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Oh Crap, The Engine Quit!

So there I was at 600ft and all I could hear was my heart pounding in my chest. Plan, practice, decide, and execute are the rules to live by. Many more highly experience pilots will offer different pearls of wisdom, but I only try to pass on what I was [...]

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Cross Country Fueling on a Concrete Ramp

Standing next to the sun-bleached yellow wings he stared across the concrete ramp covered with painted tin flies. Hardly a thing about aviation shown except for oil stains. The sounds they make so smooth and predictable it gives the pilot who knows every open space to land contempt for the [...]

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