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How Arthur Sheid and I Met

About 1996 or thereabouts, we were living in an an apartment in Canton Michigan which is northwest of Detroit and just west of I-275. The management had a computer for the residents to use. I was still counting on the old land line and postage mail to communicate. One fine [...]

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A Promise Kept

We begin back at Galesburg, the National Stearman Fly-In in 1998 or 1999.  It was one of Galesburg's fine mornings, blue sky, warm and very little wind.  My wife and I were wiping the bugs off our Stearman when our friend Tony Farhat drove up in his golf cart.               [...]

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The Football Drop

This story isn’t so much about the game of football as it is about flight and the transformation of a young man during his experience in a Stearman.  We begin with my arrival at Galesburg on Thursday, 29 August 2002. The hope was to beat our friend George Triche, but [...]

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