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Boeing Model 75’s DOM

Boeing Model E75N1, c/n 75-5392, U.S. Army PT-13D, s/n 42-17229, on the initial test acceptance flight over Wichita, Kansas. Photo from the collection of the EVV Aviation Archives, Evansville, Indiana. Several years ago at a mid-western air show, a Boeing E75N1, (often listed as a E75), arrived, all [...]

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BuAer Numbers, C/Ns and S/Ns of Model 75 Airplanes

Yes indeed, the BuAer numbers, C/Ns, and S/Ns can become confusing at times, especially when you are trying to track down exactly which Model 75 Stearman you own, only to find that someone has removed all the data plates, even to the extent of making up their own serial number [...]

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