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17th Annual Stearman Golf Outing

Notes from Jeanne Conlon, Becky Patterson and Diane Stickle, Golf Outing Co-Chairs on the events of the day. “The forecast for Monday, May 4, was cloudy with a 60% chance of rain. Not a good day for the 17th Annual Stearman Golf Outing. What happened was a sunny afternoon of [...]

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Member Recognition

Lt. Col. R. Patrick Phillips receives the Kittinger Award from GOAA Board Members Domingo Sanchez, Dean Asher and Chairman Frank Kruppenbacher. GOAA Board members, Congressman John Mica, Col. Joe Kittinger and family members of Medal of Honor recipients help unveil a new plaque to honor Central Florida’s four Medal [...]

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Wing Colors and Markings for Pt-17

The ink drawings of the colors and markings for the PT-17 were done by Ken Wilson and published in the SRA Outfit Newsletter in 1973. Ken Wilson served as the Historian for the SRA for many years, and made immeasurable contributions in research, articles and drawings. Everyone performing an authentic [...]

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Cover Artist: Frank Schaufler

The Beginning “I’m going to own that Stearman someday.” And that’s how hundreds of Stearman dreams begin. I made that definitive statement when I was 12 years old, but the story starts before then. I was born and raised in Galesburg, IL my father; Russell Massingill was a WWII Navy [...]

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Stearman 3440

Stearman 3440 is serial number 104. It was the 4th and last stearman built in Venice, and is the only survivor, which makes it the worlds oldest stearman. Stearmans partner George Lyle was the first owner. The plane was on the coast of Washington being used for charter thru the [...]

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Stearman 4E Comes Home

On November 12, 1929, Keith Scott placed his verbal order for a Stearman Model 4E biplane . With the options , including a reserve fuel tank, retracting landing lights, dual flare tubes for night landing flares, radio, wheel pants, and a “relief tube”, the final delivery price was $18,107 . [...]

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