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Hearing Aids, Stearmans and Stuff

Last week, our pilot group held an early evening, July fly-in at a member's lovely 3000 X 200 "smooth-as-pavement" grass strip. I was invited to accompany my dear friend Bill Bohannan (SRA #158) to the festivities in his Stearman. Bohannan The Elder, whom I have heard was the project engineer [...]

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Stearman vs the Outhouse Row

This is a true story. It has a bit of gray hair. Time needed to pass.  And there is a good bit of third party reflection. I have embellished it  for story telling value but the basic facts are true and I did see the airplane prior to the fix.  [...]

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Stearman Phenomena

Fate seems drawn to tail draggers where opportunities abound. When a new guy plops down into a seat in a long-legged beast of a Stearman, fate begins to salivate. A former F6F driver and “old” friend was about to pop for one. I knew I would be volunteering for combat [...]

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