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Mounting A Full Sized iPad

I fly a lot of cross-country trips and not only has the price of paper charts been slowly increasing but perhaps as annoying it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find FBOs that carry charts with coverage beyond their local areas. Because of this I decided to devise a way to mount [...]

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Designing And Fabricating A New Avionics Panel

Thirty years after her last restoration my N2S-4, the Rag Doll, is in Tony Blum’s Turn & Bank Aviation shop in Deer Park, WA, undergoing yet another one. Since the ol’ girl is now 70 years old this latest restoration should last her to her 100th birthday! One of the [...]

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Castle Formation Clinic Report

The sound was almost imperceptible at first, hardly noticeable above the quiet of an airport that was still half-asleep.  As the seconds ticked by however, it grew louder.  No doubt about it now, it was the sound of a round engine, maybe two of them.  Moments later the unmistakable silhouettes [...]

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