Air Maze Filter Placard

//Air Maze Filter Placard

Air Maze Filter Placard

The metal disc base for the Air Maze logo on the top of the air filter was made out of steel. As a result the nameplates rust and the silk screening disappears. I have struggled with how to make it look halfway original, and have not come up with much.

I had one pretty good plate that I took over to Burbank paint and asked them if they could reproduce the front graphic. They said that they could by scanning what I had and then digitizing it and making the necessary restorations and corrections in the digital form. Roger Lamb is planning to have new base plates made out of stainless by plasma cutting.

So we had the minimum made (24), and they look really great. Interestingly enough, the mounting holes are not in a symmetrical pattern. One hole has been moved in so that it provides the least interference with the graphic.

The one above was mounted to my old steel plate, and the center hole was elongated out a bit.

If anyone is obsessed enough to want one of these, we sure will have extras. I don’t yet know what the base plates will cost, but any order will have to have a note from your doctor to insure that your heart can deal with the final number.

Fig.1 - The Air Maze filter placard.

Fig.1 – The Air Maze filter placard.

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