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The Stearman Restorers Association is an independent “Not for Profit” 501C-3 Corporation dedicated to the preservation, restoration, flying and safety of Stearman Aircraft through the education of both members and the public. The Stearman was a primary trainer for both Army and Navy cadets in WWII.

The SRA was originally founded in 1966 and for the year 2012 1150 members in 25 countries.

The SRA publishes the Stearman Flying Wire quarterly. It contains articles about restoration tips, authenticity data, safety issues, Stearman piloting, historical items of interest, Stearman piloting, aviation event schedules, Stearman fly-in activities, and news and pictures of member planes and restoration projects.

New memberships initiated any time during the year, prior to the November issue, receive all Stearman Flying Wires published that year and a Membership Roster. Memberships received after the Nov issue is mailed, will receive a years membership for the following year.

The SRA provides a forum and access to people and data for pursuing answers to questions which arise in the restoration of, owning of, and general interest in the Stearman.

Membership in the SRA is open to anyone with an interest in the Stearman Aircraft, whether or not an owner or a pilot. Go to the “How to Join” page if you would like more information.