A Stearman Meaning

//A Stearman Meaning

A Stearman Meaning

When pressures mount, when troubles seem

to load me down with care,

I meet my faithful bi-winged dream

and once more feel the air.

My friends and those who’ve never flown

as I do, now and. then

don’t understand the thrill that’s owned

by those who feel the wind.

For me, the strength that comes again

When ’ere I’ve flown once more

sustains me through the trials below

because at will I soar

above the earth, above the wars

above the aches and pains

above the clouds, up toward the stars

where sadness from me drains.

My time machine that soothes my soul

and brings me peace within

that always makes my being whole

and sets me straight again

is somehow now a part of me

a bond of flesh and steel

that works as one to set us free

for moments brief to feel

a passion tough to vocalize

to tell another being

how great it is to ply the skies

to see what few are seeing.

This craft that shares my deepest joy

and best emotions human

is known by the simplest, humble name

that name is, simply, …  Stearman.

These hands now do their best to see

that every move and measure

is made so life will ever be

a glory and a treasure

so evermore my winged friend

and I can ever fly

to feel the lift of clear, blue wind

at our home in the sky.

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