A Stearman GroundLoop Trainer!!!

//A Stearman GroundLoop Trainer!!!

A Stearman GroundLoop Trainer!!!

A few months ago while at the Evergreen fly-in, I met a very interesting gentleman Verl Buroker from the Portland area. He brought me photographs and an article regarding a project he was responsible for while based at Corpus Christi, Texas right after WW II.

It seems that even the GI drivers had trouble keeping the 75 going the right direction during those early hours of training. So the CO says to Verl “build me a ground loop proof Stearman that would not leave the ground.”

A steel structure was added ahead of the airplane to contain Twin Beech 18 tail wheels. An extra “N” strut was added to both wings and wing guards beneath both wing tips.

To top it off a center section and lower wing spoilers would keep it on the ground at speeds of 90 MPH. Four N2S-3’s were modified.

Students were given 2 hours of concentrated low and high speed taxi experience on a figure 8 course prior to starting their flight training.

Verl demonstrated many intentional ground loops at speeds in excess  of 60 Mph. What a ride!!!

Note the swastika on the front of the prop thrust nut brace. I guess it was some WW II slur. 

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