A Fixture for Holding and Rotating a Stearman Wing

//A Fixture for Holding and Rotating a Stearman Wing

A Fixture for Holding and Rotating a Stearman Wing

Rotating a Stearman wing during fabrication, covering, ribstitching and painting is a cumbersome problem, especially when working alone.

The fixture shown in the following figures has turned out to be a really convenient solution.

The heart of the fixture is a two inch diameter aluminum, tube that was formed into a hoop 66 in. in diameter and the ends welded together.

Three six inch diameter composition wheels were turned down to have a 2 inch diameter grove in the edge.

The wheels were mounted on a low dolly with an over center brake mounted on one of the support wheels.

A cross piece was welded to the circle with brackets that would fit the strut fittings for both the upper and lower wings.

The aluminum wheel with a wing installed moved around easily with one hand, and locked in place with the brake.

A dolly was fabricated for the other end of the wing with a support bar that mated to the wing mounting pieces.  This end can also be pinned to hold the wing in one clocked position. 

An adjustable threaded rod was mounted on the butt end with a lead weight that can be moved in and out.  This allows the balancing of the wing during various stages of fabrication.

A center square tube can be mounted between the two dollies so that the whole thing can be moved around as a unit. That connecting tube is not in place in these photographs.

The six tabs mounted around the wheel were there for attaching weights to maintain a balance of the wing assembly.

However, it turned out that the adjustable weight on the other end was more that adequate.

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