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Some Basics of Steel Tube Structures

Early use of seamed steel tubing in U. S civil aircraft can be traced back to the 1920’s when Waco, Travel Air and Stearman began to replace early wood fuselage structures with welded steel. Before SAE 4130 “Chromoly” tubing became the norm, SAE 1020 and 1025 was widely used. Comparing [...]

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Stearman Ramp Check

There’s one thing you can always count on with a Stearman these days…it’s pretty hard to land anywhere unnoticed. Now ordinarily that’s a good thing, but what if someday one of your onlookers steps up and greets you with a badge? You guessed it… ramp check! Hopefully, you didn’t provoke [...]

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Density Altitude Landings

“Ken, let’s start slowing this thing down .“ We had just touched down at Holbrook, Arizona in “Ole Green”, Ken’s beloved 450 Stearman. The field elevation is 5250 ft., the temp. 103 deg., and we were rocketing down the runway ( 90-100 mph true, maybe?). We had plenty of runway; [...]

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