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Wings and Weather

It is a beautiful day in Denver October the 9th , 2001. I am waiting here for my Son, Mark (a businessman and private pilot), who is flying in from California, to join me on a ferry flight from Jefferson Co. Airport, Colorado to Lantana, W. Palm Beach, Florida. We [...]

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Incidence Incidents

Out here on the Front Range prairie of Colorado, the visibility is usually superb. The local joke is you take off with 90 miles and the first thing you know it’s dropped down to 75 and you’re in trouble. We do manage to deal with that, but the real threat [...]

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Oiling the Inside of the Fuselage Tubes

by: unknown  One of the important tasks in restoring a Stearman is the re-oiling of the inside surfaces of the 4130 tubes that make up the fuselage frame. When Boeing fabricated these frames, all junctions of tubing had holes inside the welded joint so that there always an internal passage from [...]

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Stearman Flying Wire Tensiometers

Thankfully, the second production of the Stearman flying Wire Tensiometers is done, and they are delivered. There were 25 in this last lot. The goal was to make the tapered leaf springs, which are the heart of the tensiometer, all so identical that a common scale with one calibration could [...]

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An Olympic Javelin

Having just finished a Stearman restoration, and having pretty much kept to the original drawings, there was one thing that I found a bit too crude – unworthy of an aircraft with this quality of manufacture.  The javelins.  After all that work to cut a broom handle in half lengthways, [...]

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Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)

by, unknown A separate sheet for the “ICA” is a necessary part of every 337 submission. It should include a section for each of the following items, even if only to list “Not Applicable” Introduction: This section briefly describes the aircraft, engine, propeller, or component that has been altered. Include any [...]

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