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Changing the Tube in a Stock Stearman Tail Wheel

author unknown When the time comes to change out the tire and/or tube in a stock tail wheel, the small diameter opening in the tire presents a real problem. First of all, in order to get the hub out of the tire, the valve stem on the tube, after it [...]

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Installing Gear Leg Fairings

Installing the sheet metal fairings on the gear legs is one of the tasks on a Stearman that can really test one’s patience.  I start out by setting the fairing near the gear and then looking for anything else that needs doing around the hangar.  The trick is to not [...]

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Floating Nut Plates

Attaching  Stearman sheet metal fairings with 10/32 screws matching  a large array of holes  to a similar array of nut plates  can be a frustrating job.  The first few holes line up pretty well, but it can go downhill from there.  You end up trying to pry the panel hole [...]

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Stearman Two-Shoe Bendix Brakes

The Stearman uses a Bendix, hydraulic, self-energizing brake.  It is quite easy to maintain and adjust if the mechanic knows a few simple facts about it. It has two shoes.  The secondary shoe is the upper and larger of the two.  This shoe is anchored on the upper forward end [...]

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