Courtesy of the Kansas Aviation Museum Flight Log

The original Stearman Sales and Service hangar, located just east of the Kansas Aviation Museum in the Kansas Air National Guard area of McConnell Air Force Base now looks like it did in 1929. KAM volunteers, with a Boeing volunteer group and support from the Kansas Air National Guard, have repainted the 1929 lettering on this historic hangar.

Boeing volunteers made the stencils in the days prior to the painting. KAM’s Walt House and the Boeing volunteers started the painting on September 6th and worked Saturday, Sunday and Monday. KAM volunteers Charlie Gorges, Mel Schriber and Walt House finished the project on Wednesday. Throughout the four days personnel from the Kansas Air National Guard provided and operated equipment to lift the painters into position. Many thanks to KAM Board President, Ed Sykes, who brought “Koolaid” each afternoon for refreshment.

The hangar was built in early 1929 and was the first building erected on the new Wichita Municipal Airport site. Most of the Stearman Model 4 and C-3R airplanes were delivered from this location and many of them returned for fuel and service or maintenance during cross country stops.

Names of many famous pilots like Standard Oil of California’s Chaderton and cowboy movie actor Ken Maynard are written in the visitor’s log that was kept in the hangar. The hangar is now used by the Civil Air Patrol.

On Friday evening 12 September, the National Air Tour arrived at Wichita’s Jabara Airport. Ben Scott and Addison Pemberton were expecting as we had planned, to get their Stearman Model 4’s to the Stearman Hangar for a photo shoot. Due to the maze of new security fences at McConnell AFB and the pouring rain all day Saturday it did not happen. We will have to work on this some more and try to get those square tail Stearmans in for next year.