17th Annual Stearman Golf Outing

//17th Annual Stearman Golf Outing

17th Annual Stearman Golf Outing

Notes from Jeanne Conlon, Becky Patterson and Diane Stickle, Golf Outing Co-Chairs on the events of the day.

“The forecast for Monday, May 4, was cloudy with a 60% chance of rain. Not a good day for the 17th Annual Stearman Golf Outing. What happened was a sunny afternoon of golf!

After several passes by a Stearman, piloted by Phillip Wolford, and a PT-19, piloted by Scott Delawder, 22 teams (that’s 44 golf carts) scurried to their designated hole for a shotgun start. On the putting green and at each tee throughout the course, signs depicting the 101 hole sponsors were displayed: 29 of those were from you… the Stearman community. And we want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You!” Your support not only helps fund the Fly-In, but also shows the golfers and other hole sponsors that you appreciate their support, as well.

Although we’re still waiting for that first hole-in-one, we did have a couple of “firsts” this year – Pete and Marie Spear assisted with the hole watching on the $10,000 for a Hole-In-One” hole, and Merrill and MaDonna McMahan golfed. (MaDonna says she is usually a better putter). Thank you to them for joining us, and we hope they had a fun day. In a few short weeks, we will gather for the 44th Annual National Stearman Fly- In. We want to thank you, again, for your continued support, and look forward to seeing you in September! Sincerely, Your co-chairs.”

In addition: Notes from Merrill and MaDonna McMahan and their perspectives on the events of the day.

We have been sponsors for a couple of years for holes during the annual golf outing, but this year we decided to take a “mini vacation” and participate. We stayed at a nice B&B on Sunday night, and listened to a noisy thunderstorm early Monday morning that said, “You are not going to play golf today!” However, by 1:00 p.m. the skies had cleared, and things were looking up. When we arrived at the course, which is somewhat of a trip into the country from the city, we were greeted by the three co-chairs as if we were celebrities. It seems that we were the first Stearman pilots to actually play in the tournament.

They were surprised when they got our sponsorship paper that we were going to play. We were invited into the clubhouse and promptly handed two large bloody Mary drinks. We watched a couple of nice fly-overs while we were waiting, and were surprised when the shotgun (literally) went off for the official start. We were minus one team member as it turned out, because Harrel Timmons of Jet Air had a friend who was going to play, but had some health issues, and could not attend. So Harrel was stuck with a couple of amateurs (who usually play par three golf) to guide around the LONG course. If you play golf, you know that the condition of the greens is a big factor in how well you putt the ball. (When you finally reach the green.) These were manicured carpets, to say the least, and if you are used to playing the greens of northern Wisconsin, the ball has a tendency to just “take off.” Needless to say, we felt sorry for Harrel. Our team did not win any prizes, but we had fun, and met a lot of great folks.

The rain held off until after the evening banquet, when it started to shower again. Monday night and Tuesday morning brought more thunderstorms, but we were tired enough that sleeping was not an issue. The co-chairs took the first four Stearman pilots to attend the outing, the McMahans and the Spears, to breakfast on Tuesday morning before we all headed home. A lot of laughter, and we disrupted the restaurant. Seemed like old times during fly-ins when we have been known to laugh a lot around a table.

If you golf, and can get away on the first Monday in May, we would highly recommend a day at the 18th Annual Stearman Golf Outing. Or even if you don’t golf, it’s a great way to spend the day watching a hole or sponsoring one. Thanks, again, ladies, for a fun day!

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